Experienced Farmers and Investors are invited to participate in Farming Projects in Africa

Mavuno's Vision
To improve the lives of people in Africa through responsible management of sustainable farming projects.

Mavuno's Mission
To engage in farming projects that will:

Improve local food security.
Improve local based agricultural skills.
Reduce unemployment.
Create export opportunities.
Mavuno manages farming projects on the African Continent for public and private investors, governmental institutions and sovereign wealth funds. We produce grains, vegetables and various fruits for the food, animal feed stocks and bio fuel industries, serving both the African and export markets.

We only source land resources which comply to our criteria for financial sustainability and has the potential to meet our investors required return on investment.

Our reach extends throughout Southern, East and Central Africa. In South Africa we work with emerging black farmers and future projects are planned for Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania, Rwanda and DRC.

Mavuno also engages in agro processing and trading of various agricultural commodities.

“Africa is the strategic continent to meet the World's growing demand for food.”



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